Paris Fashion Week

Once a year we gather at the biggest and most prestigious fashion event in the world – Paris Fashion Week,
For a celebration of fashion, style and beauty.

We present our creative path of the near
season in a spectacular show and present
all the interesting and special collections we

Over the years, the designer’s inspirations
have changed and come from all sorts of
areas alongside the great inspiration that
has continued with us over the years and it
is the sea.
The Mediterranean Sea is the designer’s
great inspiration, and in our collection, there
will always be room for shells, seashells and
other creatures from the sea.

In recent years, we have been researching
new and innovative materials such as
rubber and wood.

These materials stretch the boundaries and
create a new adventure each time we
design a piece of jewelry.

These Items allow us to cater to a variety of customers, give a variety of style to our creations and be
more unique than ever.

Paris Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to unveil our pieces to the world and we are excited to
be a part of it every year.

Fey Fashon Store

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